Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkin Carving and Other News

Miles first pumpkin carving experience.  He liked it!  He kept sticking his hand in the pumpkin, then pulling it out and touching the outside of the pumpkin.  

 I put some of the goop from inside the pumpkin on his tray of his highchair so he could feel it, and go figure, he ate it.

 I tried to get it out of his mouth, but he ended up swallowing some.  Whoops!  At least we gave him some water to wash it down.


Miles had his first appointment today with the orthopedic doctor at Children's Hospital in Akron.  He thought his right foot didn't look too good, which is true, it has never been too good.  Because Miles has arthogryposis in connection with club feet, his feet are more complex than a kid with just club feet.  We thought he would need surgery eventually, we were just waiting until it seemed like the right time.  We decided to go ahead and do the surgery soon since we'll be hitting our deductible this year.  So he will be getting surgery on his right foot next Tuesday, November 12th, 1 day shy of his first birthday.  Of course we're not excited about him having surgery again, but hopefully they can correct his foot completely this time and it will keep the correction.

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