Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Version of a Refashion Tutorial

I am obsessed with refashions.  I have spent lots of time checking out people's ideas on their blogs, because I think it's so smart to take things you don't wear anymore and make it into something you *might.*  I am too intimidated by all the really good refashionistas to show many of my attempts, but here is a fun little tutorial. 
Have a sweater that you don't wear anymore because it makes you feel short and wide?

(Forgot to take a picture before I started hacking stuff off)

Have a hat that shrunk and doesn't fit your giant noggin anymore?

(which you could you use to trace a pattern)

Have a ball of yarn sitting around that doesn't really match but it's close enough?

With a little time, you too could stitch up a hat and gloves by hand because you're too impatient to wait until you can get to your Mom's house to borrow her sewing machine!

You could also take an awkward "myspace" picture of you in the hat.