Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just a snowin' and a sewin'

I've been working on some clothes for me.  Every time I start sewing clothes again, I realize how hard it is and how it's so much easier just to quilt and am I really ever going to wear this? 

Nevertheless, here are some recent projects.

This one was actually the easiest.  I took an old pair of James' slacks and cut off the legs.  Then I cut the legs along the side seam.  Then I used the bottom cuff for the waist-band, added a zipper to the side, and hemmed the bottom.  I did it super fast and sort of haphazardly (as in, I don't know if I can get that chunk of fabric out of the serger but who cares it's done and I don't need the inside edges surged) but I think it is cuter than the other two things which I took FOREVER to make.   

Lazy Girl's Gathered Top

I saw this pattern on for the "Lazy girls Gathered Top."  I wouldn't necessarily call this girl lazy after spending 4 hours on A top yesterday, but I think it turned out okay.  I didn't do the drawstring at the bottom, I just wanted it straight.  The reason it took a long time is because it's knit, if you mess it up, it takes FOREVER to pick it out.  But I like how it turned out.  I'll probably wear it.  It's comfortable.  And it was a way to use this cute knit fabric I got a while ago.
The Socialite skirt tutorial - really want some striped fabric so I can make one!

I saw this "Socialite Skirt" on pinterest and thought it looked really cute (probably because that girl is skinny).  The pattern was not as easy as described, but it turned out to be a comfy skirt.  I used the same fabric as my shirt.  James wants me to wear them both for Halloween, start taking off my makeup with vaseline as I am known to do, and go as the "Hamburgler Christy."  Not a bad idea...

Dear Future Christy,

Make quilts.  BUY your clothes.

Wiser Christy