Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some Pictures and Updates on the Kids

Okay, blogger is ticking me off.  The pictures below are in no particular order, even though I tried with all my might to put them in a particular order.  Apparently it's not as simple as clicking and dragging.  Maybe technology has changed since I last blogged, which is entirely possible considering how long ago that was.
Miles-Found out today he has a double eye infection and double ear infection.  Started antibiotics for both tonight.  Poor guy.  His eyes are horrible, they will probably be glued shut when he wakes up tomorrow morning.  This explains the crankiness of the last several days, although both infections didn't manifest themselves until today. 
Katie-We went to see Dr. Seitz, the hand specialist last week.  She will most likely have two surgeries, one at 6 months old where they will join her hand in the middle, so the space where her middle finger would be isn't divided so far down her hand.  She will have another surgery around 9 months old where they will separate her ring and pinky fingers more than they are, and make one toe out of two since she has an extra.  I feel really blessed that we live this close to where Dr. Seitz practices, since people come from all over the country and the world to see him.
Thanksgiving 2014
(In his turkey shirt from Aunt Marie)  "I am two now and will act accordingly!"
I think she looks like me in this picture, or at least like a Haines

Katie's Thanksgiving outfit-So thankful for her!


Katie's outfit on Sunday, I am enjoying dressing up this girl!

This picture makes me laugh.
Same expression.
This picture is so sad, Miles has an eye infection, and a double ear infection, I think he had a sinus infection that spread to his eyes and ears.  What's crazy is I took this picture tonight, the picture above is him yesterday.  It happened so fast!