Monday, September 8, 2014


I had an experience yesterday when I was in Nursery with Miles that I feel like I need to write down.  Miles has been going to nursery for a couple months now and loves it.  I hadn’t yet been in there with him for any length of time.  It was nice to go and see how he interacts with the other kids and what he does.  You can tell he just thinks he’s so cool because he goes to nursery (aka goes somewhere without mom or dad). 


It was time for the lesson so the teacher spread out a blanket for all the kids to sit on.  The kids promptly plopped down on the blanket.  It’s hard for Miles to plop down exactly where he wants to.  He kind of has to do it just right or he ends up in the wrong place.  Plopping and scooting are tricky with AFOs and his muscle weaknesses.  No one would really even notice or be able to tell, I’m just very familiar with it because I’m his mom. 

So Miles plopped down but had to do quite a bit of scooting to get himself on the blanket.  It was difficult to scoot on the blanket without wrinkling it, and to get his feet situated into the small space without kicking other kids.  What made my heart twinge was how determined he was to sit on the blanket with the other kids, not just close enough, on it.  He scooted and struggled and it was hard not to help him to save him from potentially feeling embarrassed.  What also made my heart twinge was that he wasn’t embarrassed or frustrated or noticing that it was harder for him than for the other kids, he didn’t look to anyone for help, he was just determined to get on the blanket.  Maybe it’s innocence and maybe it’s a way that having his disability has already strengthened him.  I wouldn’t expect him to really notice that things are harder for him because he’s too young.  But when do we learn to notice those things? 

I wish I was more like Miles.  I wish I didn’t focus on circumstances that I perceive as unfair.  I wish I focused all my energy on the goal instead of murmuring that things are too hard.  He is so determined and gets so much satisfaction out of being able to do things himself.  You can see it on his face and in his gait when he walks.  He’s so proud of himself.  I am so proud of him.   

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

James' Associate's Degree

James received his associate's degree in the mail today.  1 more year and he will have his Bachelor's.  Great job, James! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Some Good Times Lately-A Post for Dad-Sorry for Never Updating-Dad, you should get a facebook!

Father's Day:  I took this picture of Miles and framed it for James for Father's Day.  I wrote around the outside, "Dad, I want to be just like you when I grow up."

Miles got his AFOs June 20th and has pretty much been walking since then.  It just took him a few weeks.  It's hard to believe after all this time he's just walking around, but then it's also hard to believe he hasn't always been doing it now.

James and I celebrated our anniversary (June 21st) with a visit to Mohican State Park.  We camped overnight (James' dad babysat Miles for us).  It was a little rainy but we enjoyed it and we still had our fire and got to kayak and had a fire and went on a little hike.  We also climbed the fire tower in the morning.  It was very misty!

About this time we also found out we are having a girl on October 29th!  We are very excited.  We also found out she has a left hand deformity.  It looks like her pinky and her ring finger are fused and that maybe there is no middle finger.  It's hard to tell for sure.  But her left hand definitely looks different than her right hand.  We were surprised, especially because it is very different than what Miles has, but we're hoping it will be a little easier than club feet and arthrogryposis.  It is more a structural issue than a muscle issue.  After talking to a few people, it seems like most likely we won't do anything right away.  She will probably have surgery on her hand around 2 years old. 

Arthrogryposis Awareness Day, June 30th.  We wore blue!
Love that cheesy smile!

Tried "Ice Painting" with Miles.  He thought they were popsicles.  He especially liked the black one.  His knees were stained for a day or so. 
We went to the Kingwood Center in Mansfield with our friends, the Hongs.  Their son Epraim is a few days older than Miles.  You can see how proud Miles is of himself walking!
Touch a Truck-They had this event outside the library.  There were all kinds of trucks and other vehicles the kids could see and get inside.  Miles favorite part was playing with the free ball he got in the parking lot. 


Downtown Ashland for the Labor Day Parade.  If only it was "Labor" Day.  :)  Two more months.  With the Hongs (left) and Hooblers (right)