Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Groundhog's Day!

In their Groundhog's Day shirts, Memaw got them for them in Punxsutawney.
 Katie:  Smily as ever, so sweet.  We're working on tummy time, she's lifting her head up more and more.  She is not yet rolling over.  She doesn't mind the bumbo too much, her neck still a little wobbly but getting better.  She likes to stand and do squats.  She has discovered how to stick out her tongue.  She smiled at Miles today, which he loved. 

 Miles:  (Doesn't stand still long enough to get many good pictures taken)  Is talking more and more.  Translations:
Pooker, Poker=Cooper
Tit="tweet" for bird
on=open, off, on, in
up=I want to see what's on the kitchen counter
uice=milk, water, beverage
bus=Car's firetruck he got from Braxton
He has started giving hugs and still gives lots of kisses.  He likes to have a treat, which is usually a dum-dum he carries around as a status symbol.  Does not stick it in his mouth, it could be 30 minutes before bed that he gets the treat and then starts to lick it once you've put him in bed and already brushed his teeth.  Cries when you take it away.  We've started reading to him at the table and have found that is a good way to read him books because he can't go anywhere and he can't turn all the pages to the end.  He listens really well and usually ends up eating more, too.  That has translated to him being more interested in books when he's not at the table. 

Teaching Katie the anatomy of her head.

Watch out, Katie!