Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thoughts on Pregnancy and Motherhood-Weird Warning

So I have tried not to be a complainy pregnant woman (which is easier now than it was during the first trimester) because I've wanted to be pregnant for so long.  However, there are some things that are weird lately. 

You know how they say your hair grows faster when you're pregnant because the hair just doesn't fall out as frequently?  Well, that is true, arm hairs included.  I pulled one out today that was like 3/4 of an inch long.  I have pretty long arm hairs anyway, but this one was quite remarkable. 

I'm pretty sure I'm having hot flashes.  Uncomfortable and embarrassing.  At work, my classroom is super hot.  So I emailed the secretary and she called the powers that be and they said, "Nope, her room is 73, just like all the other ones."  (They check it on their stupid computer so they don't actually have to come feel the temperature in your room.)  Yet I come home feeling like I've run a marathon for all the sweating.  The guy from wherever it is actually ventured out of his building, to my building and into my room and looked at me like I was crazy.  And it IS actually hot in there, I've heard it from my coworkers, but still, I feel so sensitive to heat all the time and knowing I'm flushed just makes it worse.  People keep asking me if I got a sunburn.  I can't wait for Fall and cooler temperatures. 

The other day I came to the realization that I don't actually know how to care for a baby.  I was thinking about feeding and sleeping and diapering, and while I know what I've heard, I realized I have never done this before and freaked out a little.  I've fed babies, I've babysat, I've changed lots of diapers, but never cared for my own child.  And I thought, "I better get a book about this or something."     

But at the same time, I realized how excited I am to be a mother.  I can't wait to meet the little pumpkin who's been kicking me for the past 6 months.  (I've only been feeling it for a couple months, though.)  Every time I feel him move I fall in love a little bit more.  And I'm excited that Heavenly Father trusts us with one of His children.  I'm excited to care for him and be at home with him and SO grateful that we are in a position that I can stay home with our children.  And SO grateful that my children get James for a dad.