Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Fence is Done, and it's Spring!

Everything is so green compared to when we started!  Happy Spring!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A weekend at the Hales' in Utah

This is embarrassing.  I am NOT a thorough picture taker.  My camera is always in my purse when we go somewhere.  But I always forget to take it out.  Case in point:  We went to visit the Hales, we stayed at their house, and I don't have a picture of us together.  So sad.  At least I took a couple pictures of Paige.  :( 
I took this picture in the Cleveland airport so I would remember that I want to go there someday.
These are two of my roommates from college, Emily and Lisa, so good to see them again!

And one with all the kids!

James and Miles on the Hales' stairs.  Miles is now able to go up and down stairs, with his shoes and bar on.  Crazy! White

We got to see my mom because she was in Utah for the Home Machine Quilting Show.  Yea!  Happy Mother's Day to me!
Other notable things we did that don't have any pictures:
Ate at Café Rio, In N Out Burger, Hatch Family Chocolates, BYU Creamery
Went to Ikea, a cool cross-stitch store, and Bowling at the Wilk