Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Fun

We've been busy so far this month.  Laura and Jeff came to see us while Laura has Fall Break.  We had a great time while they were here.  Miles LOVED spending time with them, and for me, they made a few of the last few days of pregnancy go by quite a bit faster. 

We went to Mohican on Sunday to try and see some of the leaves.

Monday we went to Kirtland.  It is so pretty there.  The temple is cool, but my favorite part is the atmosphere of Historic Kirtland.  So pretty and so peaceful. 

The posing was his idea, I couldn't have gotten him to do that if I tried!

A couple days ago, Miles and I went to Honey Haven Farm, just outside of Ashland, for their Fall Festival with some of our MOMS group friends.  It was really nice, we took some pictures, saw some animals, took a hay ride out to pick out a pumpkin (hoping it would put me into labor, no such luck), ate some pumpkin ice cream, and played on the playground. 
Miles, Nolan, Cole and Audrie

Pumpkin ice cream

The tractor/hay ride

Our pumpkin was so big we had to carry it in the stroller.  Luckily there was room for Miles, too. 
Yesterday we went to the Little Buckeye Museum in Mansfield.  It was really cool.  Miles and James really liked the water area.  Miles also liked the train tables.  He is starting to get older and be able to play more purposefully, which is fun to watch.  Walking helps with that, too.  He can get where he needs to go, which is so nice!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Recent Playdates

We have a great group of moms, here in Ashland.  Most of us just have our first and they're all about the same age.  Plus, these moms are good at taking pictures, whereas, I am not. 

Finger Painting:  Miles is not really an artist, per se.  We color, and occasionally paint, or play with playdough, and he doesn't love it, but we keep trying.  Coloring is growing on him, especially with markers.  He LOVES music, which I guess is part of art.  Miles' picture is the blue one on the right. 

All the other moms thought to bring a painting shirt, Miles went (almost) commando. 

Talk like a Pirate Day:  I love playdates, it's just nice to sit down and chat with other moms. 

Checking out Audrie, who LOVES books!

With Clare and Ava, all the kiddos liked to stand and look out the screen door.  Ava and Miles are cut from the same cloth, they are always telling each other what-for.

Nolan and Miles, friends almost since we moved here a year ago.

Fun times at Mitchell Farms:  Goats, seeing the trees where the apples come from, pumpkins, plus I got some really good apples and apple cider.

Love this picture of Miles in his overalls.