Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mathatas Family Christmas Letter 2013

First of all, is it possible to write a Christmas letter without saying something cheesy, generic or sounding obnoxiously self-centered?  Yes, I guess it is, because I don't think that when I read other people's letters, I just want the news.  I think I'm just being hypercritical of myself.  Here goes!

Miles was fussy after surgery and Cooper came and laid next to him.

January:  We received a visit from Grandma Marta and Grandpa DeLoe (James' mom and stepdad) from Ohio.  Miles was two months old in January and had his first surgery (a double tenotomy where they cut both his Achilles tendons).  He was fitted in his "skateboard" brace 3 weeks later. 

February:  James and I's Valentine's Day date with friends from Church.  So fun!

March:  Read "Financial Peace University" by Dave Ramsey.  Life-changing!  The quest began to get out of debt!  Also, Miles' right foot didn't look too good after 1 month in his brace, so he went back into serial casting (a different set of casts each week). 
"Her eyes just disappears when she smiles, don't they?"

April:  I started to get into the groove and learning lots about being a stay-at-home mom.  James was learning stuff, too, but he's not the one writing the Christmas letter.  :)

May:  We had a visit from James' dad, Jim, from Ohio.  We had prayerfully decided a few weeks before to put our condo on the market and move to Ohio.  Jim got there just in time to help us get it in good shape for selling. 
3 generations of James at Home Depot.

June:  Miles gets out of casts and back in his brace, which allowed us to go swimming, yea!  We also had a visit from Grandma Ruth (James' maternal grandma) and Grandma Marta. 

July:  Things started to get busy for James with his calling as Young Men's President.  This month the scouts did the Pancake Breakfast for Independence Day.  He also had Scout Camp in July.  We also moved in with my parents in Parker in July and sold our condo.  It was really nice to have been able to spend extra time with them before we moved to Ohio.
August:  Miles started feeding himself in August.  Yea!  Because he has arthogryposis which affects his hands, we weren't sure how that was going to work out.  Also in August, Jen and Braxton moved back from Chicago to Colorado. 
Miles' first Rockies game, Labor Day

Miles' first haircut.


September:  James and the dogs drove out to Ohio at the beginning of September.  Miles and I flew out a week later.  We started house-hunting and found one in Ashland, about 5 minutes from James' dad and stepmom.  Christy and Miles flew back to Colorado to meet Baby Ethan. 
We'll love you forever, Ethan!
October:  We closed and moved into our house in Ashland.  Miles was a snowboarder for his first Halloween. 

November:  Miles turned 1 years old!  My how time flies!  We celebrated our first Thanksgiving in our new home and also travelled to Michigan for John (James' older brother) and Danielle's wedding. 
December:  Miles' second surgery, just on his right foot this time.  It went well and he is back in his brace.  We are getting ready for our first Christmas in Ohio!
Getting ready for surgery at Akron Children's Hospital.

It has been a busy year.  We are very blessed to be healthy and happy.  It is nice to look back at where you've been.  Sometimes I think that life will always be as it is now.  But looking back all I can see is that life is always changing.  We are learning things, overcoming difficulties, finding joy in little things, and realizing that Heavenly Father has been there all along.  We are grateful for a Savior who allows us to overcome faults and mistakes, and also helps us through the things we find difficult.  We are learning to rely on His help and are grateful for His grace and goodness as we celebrate His birth.  Merry Christmas!