Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a Boy!!!

We are excited to be having a boy!  We both wanted a boy, and James kept insisting that it was a boy.  They took about a gazillion pictures at this ultrasound.  Most of the time I couldn't tell the head from the rump unless they pointed it out to me.  It's amazing how different this one was compared with 12 weeks.  Every time I see this little baby I fall in love even more.  He was moving around a lot and she kept asking me, "Are you feeling this?"  Nope.  I feel stuff a lot, but mostly I feel tightening, like maybe it's growing pains.  They said he's in the 50th percentile for size, so right on target. 

We think he has "the Bateman nose."  (Upturned nose)

James stepdad saw this picture and said, "I count 6."  LOL

He looks like a boy to me!


Natalie said...

We're SO excited for you guys!! He looks so cute in his first photos! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Aaron and Rachael said...

I was already excited, but now we can make arranged marriage preparations. We've got about 23 years to plan...HOORAY! Also, now I can buy you cute boy things that I've seen and for obvious reasons have not bought! : )

sara cardon said...

Yea!! CONGRATS!! Boys are so much fun-- get ready for trucks and choo choos and super heroes.:) Your ultrasound pics turned out SO much better than ours. I'm kinda bummed-- I don't think our tech knew what she was doing, hence, we "think" it's a girl but let's not be surprised in 5 months if it's actually a boy!:) Your baby bump looks adorbs-- I have the same problem. Long waisted and I just look fat.

Renae said...

Congratulations! That 20 week ultrasound is so fun, isn't it? I'm excited for you!

Janna said...

Very exciting! Those are some very good ultrasound pictures. Congrats Christy and James I am beyond thrilled for you guys. That baby boy chose two of the best people I know to be his parents :)