Monday, April 30, 2012

Conifer Cabin Trip April 2012

James and I went to Conifer this weekend for a little R&R.  We went fishing at Taryall on Friday morning.  James caught 8 fish there a couple weeks ago.  Sadly, he only caught one this time.  I caught 0.  He had a bunch throw the hook.  It was sort of cold, windy and miserable most of the time so we didn't stay very long, but there was a pretty waterfall behind the lake.

"Her eyes just disappear when she smiles, don't they?"

On Saturday we tried to do this wildflower hike, but we had some bad directions, so we did see some wildflowers, but we didn't go where we were expecting to.  It was still fun, and Minnie seemed to like her first hike.  I maybe should've taken some pictures of the wildflowers.  Oh, well.  It's a little early, still, for most of them. 
That expression means, "Another picture?  GREAT..."

Some deer we saw when we were driving up Conifer Mtn Road

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Laura K. said...

I love that you included Jeff's favorite quote!