Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home Improvement and Valentine's Day

Remember this giant jacuzzi tub, awkwardly situated in our laundry room?

It is no more!

This space is to the right of where the tub was, it was framed and carpeted and used to be where Cooper and Minnie liked to take naps and watch for us to come home.  Sorry, guys!

We're going to make it a more complete and functional laundry room, I'm thinking something like this, with cabinets along the tall wall, nothing below the window, and a bar going across Cooper and Minnie's old special spot.  We're also going to lay pergo in the loft and laundry area.

Pinned Image

Anyone who's seen behind the walls of their place knows you find some crazy stuff that the contractors left.  We found this 7 Up (glass) bottle and a mountain dew can from before James and I were born.  If anyone wants to buy it, I still have it.  It might be worth something.

Valentine's Day:  I was spoiled.  I came home to a bubble bath (this was pre-demolition) while James cooked dinner for us.  Dinner was delicious and he had delivered flowers to my work earlier that day. 

Good job, James!


Janna said...

Sounds like a very nice Valentine's day :) Good luck on your loft makeover, can't wait to see the outcome!!!

sara cardon said...

Awww, that James is one special guy! I love your idea for a laundry room-- super cute. You have great taste!