Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Few Notes about Running

1.  Cooper can run up to 5 miles without EVEN having to open his mouth!  What is that about?!

2.  I've been wearing socks on my hands this winter when I run.  It happened the first time kind of by accident, I couldn't find my gloves and James' (eek) dirty socks were sitting by the front door so I thought, "What the hey?"  The good part about using socks for gloves are:  how different are socks than mittens, really? and if your nose is a little drippy, you can just wipe it on the socks because you know you're just going to throw them in the wash when you get home.  And you have a bunch more pairs for succeeding days.  And the reason I can justify using a pair of socks for my hands is because...

3.  I haven't been wearing socks when I run because I've been wearing my vibrams to run.  I slowly worked myself into them and I like them.  They are not way more comfortable or way less comfortable than my old running shoes.  I haven't done any huge distances in them, nothing more than 5 miles.  I like feeling kind of au natural.  I feel kind of cool/xtreme when I wear them to run. 

4.  I still love running.  It's just such a good way to exercise for me.  It's refreshing.  I feel so good when I finish.  I feel good while I'm doing it.  I can see myself doing it for a long time.  I love getting done with a run and knowing I've done it.  I have been wearing my marathon t-shirt a lot lately to remind myself that I have done and will do hard things. 


Emily said...

ooh that is awesome! i've wanted to try those "shoes" but haven't had the nerve yet. or money. :) you are so cool and extreme!

Natalie said...

Love the sock idea!! And yah for running! One day I hope to join the club. Kudos to you, it's hard work!