Sunday, December 11, 2011

Adventures in Baby-Making

So I don't think it's really a secret anymore that James and I have been trying to have children for a while now without success.  It has been hard on us and I will spare you the details because some of you know them already and it would take a lot of time to tell everything. 

What I really want to tell you is that we had a conversation with our Bishop last week that has really changed my perspective.  We have been given the gifts of time and freedom.  For whatever reason, Heavenly Father has withheld this blessing from us, and I really believe it's because He wants us to be able to accomplish and learn certain things before we have kids.  (I know we will also accomplish and learn certain things when we DO have kids and life doesn't end when that happens.)  And I really want to (and I'm starting to) understand and appreciate and trust in His timing. 

So since then I have been thinking a lot about what I really want to do, both individually and as a couple.  I always have sort of limited myself (except for running the marathon) because I figured I would be getting pregnant soon and I shouldn't start something big. 

Now I realize I should open my mind up to possibilities.  I don't really know what I want to do but I know it includes travel, improving my talents, especially sewing (I want to improve my sewing, not just expecting it to be easy and then getting frustrated when it's not and rushing through a project, just to get it over with), and probably something to do with fitness.  I really want a new physical challenge, one that I can pursue while still trying to conceive.  I'm not supposed to run as much, but I can still run some.  I just liked having the marathon to work towards and having prescribed workouts that I felt compelled to finish.  And maybe it will also be about things I'm loving or learning at work.   

So I guess I'm using this blog to brag about all the things I'm accomplishing and enjoying in life.  I guess that's what it was about before.  But I will be more consciously doing it.  Hopefully that's not obnoxious to people.  I am a "Brogger."  (bragging blogger)

Here are the Christmas decorations that have been added to the lineup this year: 

Christmas Tree topiaries
I made these with my friend Rachael, she mixed her colors, aren't they so cute?

Before, denim, ugh....

And after.  This is for holding Christmas cards and pictures
I made this at Super Saturday, I love it!

A little Christmas Cross-Stitch, I need to find a frame for it.

Rolled paper tree, it's not quite right, is it?  Sort of bulgy looking.


Natalie said...

Can I just say, I am pretty darn jealous of the time that you guys have to pursue hobbies and adventures right now... You both are so talented and knowledgable!! Love you guys!! We're so lucky to know you both. : )

Emily said...

that seems like such great advice from your bishop, and you have a positive outlook! I'm loving all of the projects you are doing!! I tried the rolled christmas tree as well and mine didn't look right either. ;) wish we could live closer to craft together!

Aaron and Rachael said...

When the time comes you will be one of the most talented moms. Your kids will brag about you to their friends...oh, and speaking of "brogging", it not bragging at all, especially since I often feel like all I have to post is pictures that are pretty much only cute to Grandparents, anyway! You are awesome, friend! : )

Janna said...

You're simply amazing! Aren't you grateful for a loving bishop, I'm glad you have such a positive outlook, someday you and James will be wonderful parents, I have no doubt! WAY CUTE CRAFTS!

Cassandra said...

Whenever and however it happens, you and James are going to be incredibly awesome parents. Lucky kids : )

Katie said...

All blogs are brogging. We write about ourselves! So no worries. I love seeing what you're up to. I'm so sorry that you're dealing with infertility. It's so hard. From my experience, Holly came at the most perfect time and so did Greta. I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was so nice to have extra time with Conor. And I wish I had done more and not just thought about getting pregnant and forever thinking "What if I'm pregnant then? I can't do that."

Tierney Kirk said...

I totally understand the frustration of not getting pregnant. And really what got me through the harder moments was realizing that I did have the freedom to go and do things without planning ahead all the time. Now we have to find babysitters if we want to go out alone, where before we often would decide Friday evening what we were going to do that night. And not having to schedule everything around the baby's schedule. I also really enjoyed having Jared's time at home with just me. Spending lazy Saturdays together, sleeping in, etc, all harder with kids. Hope this makes sense; basically I totally agree with your bishop, that those are things that got me through. Good luck!! Call or email anytime.

sara cardon said...

Hang in there!! You will be such a cute mom- you were basically my mom during college so I would know.:)

I love your topiary trees-- those are adorable! Your cross-stitch is super cute too, I never can seem to find the patience for those.