Monday, November 21, 2011

Snowshoe Bunnies

A few weeks ago we were at the cabin in Conifer and Rachael and I decided to give the snowshoes a whirl.  I have never done it before, besides when I was teaching in Payson and we would take the kids out on the field.  We went to Beaver Ranch, where we had Girl's Camp a couple years ago.  I have to say, I felt pretty Xtreme snowshoeing, especially since it was only us girls.  I definitely want to do it again. 

Yes, I CHOSE to wear this.

I think this is Rachael being Xtreme.  Sorry, Rachael, for putting a goofy picture, but did you SEE my outfit?

We may have fallen a couple times, but we never quit! 

1 comment:

Janna said...

Best. Outfit. Ever! Looks like a great time :)