Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I was overjoyed at having a snow day today.  I started a long-term assignment on Monday and hadn't been anticipating any kind of break until Thanksgiving.  I took advantage of the opportunity to be crafty, encouraged by Pinterest.

This first one is an idea my friend Chelsea taught for Super Saturday a couple weeks ago.  I made a little one with a 4x6 frame I had for a to do list, since I usually have about 3 sticky note "To Do" lists in different places around the house.  I sewed two fabrics together and lined the frame back with the fabric, wrote "To Do" backwards on the inside of the glass with sharpee, then dry erase on the front. 

I've had this 12x12 piece of "chalkboard cloth" forever, so I used fabric to create 4 sections and then nailed it to a square canvas.  I have one regret with this project.  I think we all know what that is.

I finished these photo blocks I started at Super Saturday.  5x7, photo, modpodge (sp?)  I put scrapbook paper behind one photo but it wrinkled a little, although you can't see it from far away.  I had a square block, too, and no photos the right size, so I tried this. 

 I put fabric instead of pictures.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  Maybe if the fabric colors tied the room together or if they matched eachother better, or if I had several.  I like the idea, just the execution of it needs work I think.  Or you could put pictures on top of the fabric. 

I finished sewing the blocks for this "Strip Twist" quilt I've been working on.  I used a moda jelly roll.  I took pictures of some of my favorite blocks.  I got this pattern at a quilt shop and it has actually gone together pretty quick.  It was fun to make with a jelly roll since the fabrics are already coordinated for me.  (Cooper was driving me crazy when I was trying to lay the blocks out, he doesn't really "get" quilts.)  I don't know what I will do with it, yet.  It's lap-size. 

  A snood, made out of an old pashmina.  I got this idea from my friend Kristie's blog, and it took about 2 minutes.  So easy!  I should've worn a contrasting color.

This is a photo storage thing that I would like to look not so...denim-y.  I'm in the process of dissecting it so I can cover it with white fabric and Christmas ribbon and buttons so we can use it for Christmas card storage. 


Natalie said...

Great work Christy!!! Those are super cute projects. I really like your idea for the picture holder. We usually just tape the cards on the wall but your idea is way cuter! Yah for snow days!!

Macquel said...

Oh my goodness- CRAFY CHRISTY!! haha nice!!! so jealous of your skills-- love this picture modpodge block idea!

LeAnne said...

Wow, way to be productive! I love all of your projects.

marie.mathew said...

You are hilarious! I LOL'd for a while about the iron on the chalkboard fabric! : ) Your hair looks great, too! Nice work

Chelsea Haight said...

That was a super productive day. All your crafts turned out great. I really like the quilt; the fabrics are super cute. Come over and help me with my to-do list! :)


sara cardon said...

You crafty lady, you!! I am loving Pinterest too for all the great ideas, although they don't always work... The chalkboard iron print is hilarious!!

Janna said...

WOW! Way to be crafty! Love all your projects!