Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Marathon Review

I did it! Yesterday was the American Discovery Trail Marathon in Colorado Springs. I should really say "We did it," because James has been so supportive and encouraging and was probably the best Marathon husband ever yesterday, travelling from one point to another on the race, taking pictures and cheering me on.

Before the race it was REALLY cold.

James workout buddy Aaron, who also ran the race.

I don't know why the heck those pictures aren't facing the right way.  I flipped them in the folder and they flipped back when I uploaded them to blogger. 

So it was really cold at the start, and dark.  My legs and feet didn't really thaw out until about a mile in.  You could see your breath when you were running, which I haven't experienced since Spring, it was kind of refreshing. 
At mile 4 or 5 I think, handing my coat off to James.

I started out ahead of the 4 hour pacer, and was maintaining pretty well.  I think you can see (in the picture above) the pack surrounding the 4 hour pacer behind me.  I had to stop to go to the bathroom 4 times, which was kind of frustrating, because each time I stopped I would watch the 4 hour pacer pass by, then I'd have to run pretty hard to catch up with them again, then I'd have to stop to go to the bathroom again.  By mile 13, I was watching them crest the hill and waiting for the port o potty and knew that was probably the last time I would see them.  However, I decided when we first started that I wanted to do my best, and that I was probably capable of more than I thought I was, but that I wanted to enjoy the race.  So after that I just kind of ran at my own pace and enjoyed it. 
At mile 8

Mile 10, maybe?
 As you can see, I'm smiling in all the pictures.  That's because of what happened in my Park City pictures, viewable here (just enter "mathatas" under last name).  I was smiling and having a good time, but it was hard. 

People say you hit the wall at mile 20, but I felt like it started to get really hard to stop and start again at mile 15/16/17 and after that I was just kind of numb and trying to get it done as soon as possible.  I guess at mile 20 I also looked at the clock and realized I could maybe finish within 4:15, so I started picking up the pace a little.  I walked through the water stations throughout the whole race, but the rest of the time I was running and I finished at 4:18:44.  I was kind of trying for under 4 hours but I am happy with my time.  It averages out to about 10 minute miles. 
My parents, Laura and Jeff, Mike, Marie, Manoj, Misha and Maddie also came and were there at the 20 mile mark and at the end, which was awesome.  Also, my friend Rachael, Aaron's wife was there and our friends, the Haights were there at the end.  We went to Red Robin for lunch afterwards, YUM!
Almost done, time for a cheesy-double-fist-pump!

About to cross the finish line

Blech.  I look awful.
My legs hurt.  The hardest movement is squatting down, sitting down or standing up from squatting or sitting down.  And stairs.  I am so glad I did it, and I know I'll do it again someday.  I have to take it easy for awhile because James and I are trying to have kids.  Right now, it just feels good to not be training for anything.


Natalie said...

You are AMAZING! That's awesome! Great job Christy! :D

Katie said...

Wow! You're so awesome. I feel so inspired by your accomplishment!

Aaron and Rachael said...

I am still SO angry that I missed THE moment. I was definitely there, though! Great, great job on the run. We had so much fun yesterday (well, maybe not Aaron :) ).

marie.mathew said...

We were so happy we could be there to cheer you on, so proud of you!

Janna said...

WAY TO GO CHRISTY! Love all the pictures!

Emily said...

You are a rock star!

sara cardon said...

CONGRATS!!! So, so, so impressed and I totally admire you. Well done CB!

Lindsey and Josh said...

I am still blow away by your AMAZING TIME! You go girl! So glad that you enjoyed it! I want to do a race with you one of these days....for now- we'll try and focus on the babes! :)

Tierney Kirk said...

Great work Christy! You almost make me want to be a runner, you're so inspiring!