Thursday, September 15, 2011


I KNOW I'm not the only one.  I am so excited for Fall.  It feels like it's Fall already, this morning James and I slept in a little because we had our windows open and it was just a little too chilly to get out of the bed before snoozing 8 times.  The problem was, his phone and my phone were both at different points in the snooze cycle, so every 4 minutes one of us would have to push snooze again.

Stephen's Pumpkin Spice hot cocoa
Hiking in the Fall Leaves
Decorate for Halloween (on Sep 22nd, James says I'm allowed to)
Asking about BYU football game scores because I never actually watch the games (Can you believe I'm a PE major?)
Crispix Mix
Lots of homemade soup
Christmas music (on Nov 25th, James says I'm allowed to)
Apple cider caramels from Our Best Bites
Fake Ug boots
Sweat pants
Not having to shave my legs quite as often
General Conference

I know as soon as I publish this I will remember 5 more things but oh well.  I love this time of year!


Emily said...

i freaking love fall! hooray!!!!

Janna said...

I love fall and Stephen hot cocoa :)

Natalie said...

Christy this is why I love you!!! My list seriously looks almost identical to yours. I LOVE the "Not having to shave so often". Seriously!! You're like the coolest. :D Awesome post! I LOVE Christmas music!!!

Macquel said...

i gotta try that hot cocoa!

Chelsea Haight said...

I REALLY love your fall list, and I would agree with each and every one, ESPECIALLY not having to shave your legs so often. That one really cracked me up! I'm excited to be pregnant in the fall/winter this time so I can have hairy legs!