Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

This is what the Mathatas Valentine's Day looked like this year. James' sent roses to work, which I would have liked to have kept in the classroom, but I didn't trust the preschoolers not to knock them over.

I got James some XBOX accessories, including this chatpad which makes it easier to talk to friends who have XBOX live and also to update his facebook status.

We exchanged cards (can you guess which one is from Christy and which one is from James?) and went to Olive Garden for dinner.

Olive Garden was a highlight. The food never tasted so good and we had a really awesome waitress whom we tipped well for her service. We celebrated on Friday night, but when we woke up on Sunday morning it was snowing. Beautiful Valentine's Day! I love the snow. I'm the one who keeps looking out the window to see if its still snowing and how much snow is on the ground.

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jscardon said...

How fun!! It's nice when your Sweetheart remembers it's Valentine's Day....yea....mine didn't. Not even a card. Oh well.:) Those are some beautiful flowers!!