Monday, January 25, 2010

Relax... Recap

Well, it has been quite some time since we updated our blog, as we are reminded almost weekly by Christy’s mom.

Since last April:

1. We brought our puppy Cooper home

2. Went to Ohio to visit James’ family (Christy with her trophy largemouth bass)

3. Survived camping in Utah with Christy’s family (Bad Mosquitoes and long walks downhill)

4. James received a promotion at work
5. Celebrated our 1 year anniversary
6. Christy went to Girl’s Camp (Ward camp director)

7. We bought a 2bed 2bath condo in Aurora and moved into it as well as making several improvements.

8. Enjoyed getting to know our new ward, while serving as ward missionaries

9. Travelled to Washington DC for James’ grandfather’s memorial service

10. Shared Thanksgiving with James’ mom in Colorado

11. Enjoyed Christmas in Colorado with Christy’s family including the Mathews who came from Portland

We look forward to all the excitement this year will bring....which we probably won’t blog about. But let’s just see. Maybe we’ll change our habits.


Emily said...

um ya! You need to change your blogging habits!!! :) Sounds like you had a great year!

Susan said...

I do not remind you weekly!!! I said something once!

jscardon said...

Change those habits!! January is the prefect time for new resolutions. I LOVE keeping up on you guys!!