Tuesday, April 7, 2009

General Conference

James and I went to Utah for Conference Weekend. We went for my mission reunion and to see Laura and Jeff, who are living in Provo. Above is a picture of James and I with my first mission president, President Banks and his wife. One of the highlights of the reunion was playing chair football with old mission friends and seeing two of my companions, Sister Smith and Sister Anderson (Panchuk). That meant I got to see 100% of my American companions, which I think is pretty lucky.

Most of the time we were in Utah we hung out with Laura and Jeff and met their new kitten Olivia, who is so cute, and very adventurous. She loves to play, and she loves to sleep on Jeff. Conference was really good. I was inspired by so many of the talks and I only fell a sleep a couple times. While I was awake (and listening) I had time to take incriminating pictures.

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jscardon said...

Wow!! That's impressive this post has lasted all the way until the NEXT general conference. Where are you guys?!? We NEED updates!!!!!!