Friday, November 14, 2008

A Great Looking Couple

James and I decided to dress up as Sarah Palin and John McCain for Halloween. This post is a little late. At the time it didn't seem like it was going to be such a landslide election. Note James is wearing khaki pants and a suit jacket. I am sporting my last suit I have left from my mission and readers I got at Nordstrom Rack which I couldn't wear for longer than a minute. My mom emailed this picture to a bunch of family and friends and it caused a lot of controversy! I've learned when it comes to family, stay away from politics.


Emily said...

you guys are so funny!

jscardon said...

I didn't even recognize you at first--mostly b/c I couldn't figure out who James was!! Good costumes.:) I agree with the politics thing-- we told our YW (all black, from the ghetto) who we voted for and you could just see the wheels turning-- "All 5 white leaders voted for McCain?!?" It was pretty tense after that.:) P.S. Do you have an invitation to our family blog at I can send one if not-- it's better updated than the baby blog.:)