Friday, March 6, 2015

Recent Pictures including pictures of Katie's hand and foot

Someone said something recently that made me realize I would need good pictures of Katie's hands and feet, pre-surgery. 

Katie, lately.

Thumb sucker.  I know people have said it's a pain getting their kid to stop sucking their thumb, but I feel so proud!  I guess because Miles actually couldn't suck his thumb.  And because we don't have to find her binky for her.


You can see how we're having trouble getting a good picture lately.  Keeps closing his eyes or covering them.  I think it's just a phase.  :)

My friend Vickie was so kind as to take and share these pictures of us from the Ward Chili Cook-Off. 

Two more examples, separate occasions.  :)



Aunt Carol said...

LOL! Miles is so cute! Katie too - I was always thankful that my kids never liked the pacifier.

selvageedge said...

Such cute, happy kiddos! It took a good camera with a fast lens for me to finally get pictures of my kids with their eyes open. It's my favorite toy that I ever got for myself. I need to pull it out and use it more, because I haven't taken good pictures of them since Christmas. Too funny that I got good shots of your family at the social. I let my kids run too much that night and didn't get any good ones of them.

I was so happy when Ellie finally managed to keep her thumb in her mouth. She was about 4 or 5 months old, and suddenly she was self soothing! She finally figured it out by holding one finger up her nostril to make her thumb stay in. Neither of my kids ever would take a pacifier, and Tommy never sucked a thumb either. Unfortunately, the dentist has now said that Ellie needs to break the habit. :(

Is Katie's surgery coming up soon?

sara cardon said...

Cute kiddos! Katie looks so much like you-- and the thumb-sucking picture is adorable. Lucy was my only child to use a binky, but what I wouldn't have given for the other two to have TAKEN anything to calm down in the middle of the night!!