Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Fence in Progress

James is working on putting a fence in the backyard.  I am so impressed that he has figured out how to do it (with some help from the internet).  I am also realizing it is way more work than it really seemed like it was going to be.  James is doing a good job and it will be nice to have a fence so the dogs can spend some time outside, and since Miles seems determined to crawl or ride out of our yard already.  

I love these pictures of him riding in his PJs.


Digging corner posts with the help of the missionaries.

Top rails are almost done, then we just put the chain-link up.

A little complication:  the church across the street is saying our flower beds (and fence and gate) are on their property.  My question, how did our flower beds get on their property and why are we addressing this NOW?  Hopefully we'll figure it out soon.  I think they might be right which means we'll have to move the fence on this side.


Laura K. said...

That looks like it's gonna be awesome! And Miles riding around in his jammies is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Love you guys!!!

Scrappin' Desert Girl said...

Looks nice!

Stacy Crawford said...

James was talking about this, it looks great. We w
Are putting a wooden one in soon.

selvageedge said...

That will be so nice when it is all done. LOTS of work! Is the church planting and weeding for you?

Aaron and Rachael said...

I LOVE your yard and neighborhood. So green, quaint, and cute! That goes for Miles, too minus the green and quaint! : )

sara cardon said...

That seems a bit obnoxious of the church to be bringing this up NOW, of all times, once you're getting your fence finished! Ha! I wish James would come do ours. With all the deer, snakes, and racoons, we practically have a wildlife retreat in our backyard.