Friday, August 2, 2013

Family Pictures and what's going on with us

We sold our condo in Aurora, are living with my parents and are planning to move to Ohio in about a month, to be closer to James' family.


Blue Steel

My favorite

Miles did GREAT!  Such a ham!


Aaron and Rachael said...

LOVE them! Miles is a handsome lil' devil! I'll be sure to show Paige his pictures, just for good measure. : ) Hope you are doing well in Parker. I'll check in formally soon. Miss you!

Chelsea Haight said...

Those pictures turned out great!

sara cardon said...

So cute!! That's crazy you're moving to Ohio-- what an adventure that will be! I'm excited for you guys. Miles looks like such a sweetheart!

Patti said...

Great pics. Sad I wasn't able to take them for you. Love that you've got this blog so I can feel like I know what's going on. Truly miss you and your awesome little family.

Jason & Shannon said...

He is so darling!!!