Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hands that Work

I was thinking on my run this morning about the partnership we have with God in raising children.  He did most of the work already.  He created Miles’ spirit, he gave James and I the capacity to create mortal bodies.  I don’t think Heavenly Father intended to pass off the rest of the work on us or expected us to do it alone.  He wants us to be partners with Him in learning how to raise Miles, how to teach him the right and how to best help him succeed in mortality. 

1 week old.  At rest, he wanted his hands like this.

I guess the reason I was thinking about this is, I was pushing his stroller and realized my hand is able to direct the whole stroller, and what an amazing thing and blessing it is to have hands that work.  One of my greatest desires is to give Miles hands that work.  Heavenly Father knew Miles would have hands like he has.  It wasn’t a mistake.  He is allowing James and I to be in partnership with Him in getting him the rest of the way.  There have got to be a million reasons why Miles was given the hands he was.  I think of all the things I learn from having weaknesses and the strength that comes from lessons learned.  Miles has had lots of good care from lots of good people.  I get advice for how to help him from his Occupational Therapist/Hand Specialist, his Physical Therapist, the doctor who does his feet and is also a hand specialist.  The problem is that there are too many things we can do.  I’m trying to do them all and I realize I’m frustrated because I don’t know which is most important, which is going to help him the most.  And besides that I want him to have balance.  I don’t want to be in his face all the time, I want him to have time to explore his hands independently and just to play independently for gosh sake.  So I’m starting to seek for more divine help in this area.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know what is going to help him the most.  Not even the best PT knows as much about hands and more specifically, Miles’ hands as his Creator.  Nor does anyone know his future besides our Father in Heaven.  I am so grateful for the blessing of having a great Partner.
We've come a long way, still have a ways to go.
And while functional hands is a very great blessing, there are things that are infinitely more important than that.  We are entrusted to teach Miles right from wrong, how to be a good person, how to be a good citizen.  We are to teach him the purpose of life, the gospel of Jesus Christ, how to be happy, how to overcome difficulties, prepare him for life.  It’s so fortunate we have help from extended family, and to be members of the Church; to have other people who also teach and lead our children.  But I think the most important kind of help is from our Father in Heaven.  Why wouldn’t you want the help of someone who knows everything?      
I’ve noticed if I’m seeking it He will give me help in the form of ideas.  Ideas that don’t come from me.  Things that never would’ve occurred to me.  I know because all of the sudden I’ll think of something and it will come out of nowhere.  It happened last Sunday.  I was sitting there with Miles in Church and all of the sudden I thought “Massage!  Duh!  The muscles are tight, they need help relaxing.  Duh!”  I had never even thought of that, even though my neighbor has told me about her infant massage class.  And Miles is almost 6 months old, never thought of it.  There are lots of things like that which happen every day, if I remember to be humble and seek His help.

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I love your blog! It's a shot of positive-ness that I needed!