Thursday, December 13, 2012

1 Month Old?!

 I can't believe Miles is one month old already!  He had a check-up today and he's doing good.  It's a little hard to tell accurately how heavy and how tall he is.  He's still a small guy, but he's growing and reaching the milestones for his age.  So tonight I put him on his stomach, and I know his casts give him leverage, but he turned over onto his back on his own.  Ahh! 

The OT/Hand Specialist at Children's Hospital said kids that have distal arthrogryposis end up being really smart because they have to start using their problem-solving skills early to learn how to get around.  She said to watch out because he will get into trouble really fast because of that.  Way to use your problem-solving skills turning over, Miles!

I went ahead and indulged myself in a faux-hawk. 
At the doctor today I asked her if it was normal for his pupils to dilate a lot when he's eating and looking at me and she said that is an expression of affection.  Aww.  Love that little guy!  He is so cute, I love kissing his chubby cheeks!


SherriH said...

He is such a CUTIE Christy!!!!

Chelsea Haight said...

Look how much his face has filled out! He is definitely growing! What a cutie!

Aaron and Rachael said...

I love him. Period.

Natalie said...

SO adorably handsome Christy! I love his faux hawk!! What a stud.. He's just pure awesomeness. : )

Anonymous said...

I am very lucky to have read your story. I am expecting a baby with the exact condition (I m 28 weeks pregnant) and wanted to knw if you would be willing to provide advice.

Christy Bateman Mathatas said...

To "Anonymous",
I am happy to provide advice! If you have specific questions you can email me: