Monday, November 12, 2012

What 40 Weeks Looks Like

Natural Labor Inducing Techniques attempted:
Walking (religiously)
Walking with one foot on the curb, one on the street
Spicy Food
Mexican Food
Multiple Pressure Points
Pregnancy Ball Exercises
Starting a Novel
Finishing a Novel
Cleaning the bathroom (including scrubbing the tub)

8 weeks

20 weeks
40 weeks
Natural Labor Inducing Methods not yet tried
Spicier food
Driving over railroad tracks
Jumping Jacks
Evening Primrose Oil
Caster Oil
Raspberry Tea


Emily said...

oh man! that is quite the list! have you had them strip your membranes yet? I did that with Mason and I think it worked!

Natalie said...

Nice work!! I'm sure he'll come when he's ready. I'd be so impatient waiting!! Enoch put me into labor when I was pregnant with Travis. Wanna borrow the boys for the night?! I wish I had some labor inducing ideas for you. I'm sure you've googled. Good luck! We're thinking about you guys and anxiously watching Facebook for updates. : )

sara cardon said...

Ahhh, the waiting game. No fun. Bouncing on the exercise ball worked with Zach. If it's any consolation, you still look really cute pregnant! Just remember they can't stay in there forever!:)