Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snowshoeing Adventures

These pictures are from a "solo run" I did a couple weeks ago near Conifer.  It was such a beautiful day!  I'm still kind of figuring out snowshoeing.  Snowshoes aren't really a necessity on the trail I went to.  In fact, there were some people walking their dogs their, just wearing their tennis shoes or boots who probably thought I looked like an idiot, but I think my feet and ankles stay dryer with the snowshoes.  If we had fresh snow, I would definitely need them.  And it's just good exercise, if only to have a little extra weight on your feet.

I was walking along the trail on the way down and all of the sudden I saw this young buck walking up the trail towards me.  It was kind of startling at first, then really cool.  I moved backwards so maybe he would walk a little closer.  I got some pictures but it's kind of hard to find the buck.   

I went a couple days later with my sister and some friends, Macquel and Rick, and that day we took a different trail and tried going off trail where we could and it was way fun going in the deep snow on the way down, because you kind of slide gently (and sometimes not so gently, huh, Laura?) down the hill. 

P.S.  James added music to my blog for me, isn't he so cool?!


Janna said...

I haven't been snowshoeing before, it sounds/looks fun. I'll have to put it on my list :)

sara cardon said...

Jon is OBSESSED with snow shoeing and now we moved where there's no snow!! He would be with you in a heartbeat. Maybe I ought to try it sometime.:)