Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yet Another Wall Hanging

James and I rearranged our bedroom a couple months ago (best thing we've ever done) and I found out that James likes this quilt I made
but that it doesn't really match our bedroom color scheme, which is true.  So this quilt will hang in his mancave (the loft) and I made a (supposed to be) quick wall-hanging to cover the HOT HOT window behind our bed.  We covered it with insulation.
Then the new matching wall hanging.
I traced the letters from a font on my computer onto fusible web for applique, ironed them on muslin, blanket-stitched around them, added a border, then quilted it with batting and muslin on the back.  I "stitched in the ditch" around the letters and along the border and did the heart detail things, then my Mom did the AMAZING quilting detail you can see in the picture.  My Mom is VERY talented.  I can't believe what she can do and she makes it look easy.  It is very intimidating to me to quilt on her machine so I was grateful that she put all the work into this because it makes it so much better.  Then I did the border, there are not close-ups of that because I did a crappy job.  But it's okay because you can't see it unless you look very closely. 


Manoj and Marie Mathew said...

It looks so nice, Christy! Great job!

Natalie said...

That's amazing Christy!! You're awesome and so crafty! *jealous*

sara cardon said...

SO TALENTED!! It must be in your genes.:)

Janna said...

Wow Christy...amazing! Nice job :)