Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Cabin Trip

Last week we all (Mom, Dad, Manoj, Marie, Misha, Maddie, Mike, Jen, Ernie, Braxton, James, me, Jeff and Laura) went up to James' family's cabin in Conifer for our annual "camping" trip.  We had a great time.  We drove up Monday morning.


We hiked Maxwell Falls on Tuesday and went to Beau Jo's Pizza in Evergreen for lunch after the hike, which you MUST do anytime you hike near Evergreen.

Laura and I

Braxton, James and Misha

On Wednesday we took an ATV tour, which was cool and kind of scary.  We used to ride ATVs on the Oregon sand dunes every summer when I was little, but this was riding up a continuous pile of rocks called a mountain.  It was cool.  Some people didn't have as much fun as others.
James and I

Ernie, Braxton, Jen, James and I, Marie, Maddie, Laura, Misha and Jeff

On Thursday we went white-water rafting with the same company, which was awesome.  We all had a blast, and would do it again in a heartbeat.  Also, this company, Mile Hi Rafting, had great prices. 

Me, Jen, Marie, James, Mike and Manoj

Jeff, Ernie, Laura and Braxton

Other highlights included games of Killer Bunnies, Spoons, a couple puzzles, good food, some naps and some training runs at 9000 feet.  Those were hard but good for me.  I got to run with my sister Marie for I think the first time ever.  I would love it if we lived near each other and could do that all the time. 

Cooper, Marie, Dad

"My thoughts exactly, Cooper."



Laura K. said...

Um, "thanks" for the link. Haha, just kidding. Nice post.

Manoj and Marie Mathew said...

I would love to run again with you, too! Maybe next time we get together for a race we'll be at the same (athletic) level and we can run side by side. I'd also like to run with you at a more reasonable altitude. We had a blast and are so grateful to you and James for hosting us!

Natalie said...

SO awesome Christy! Looks like you guys had a blast. :D

sara cardon said...

CB you are so skinny! You look amazing! It is so fun to see your family in these pics!