Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alderfer 3 Sisters

Can you believe I convinced James to go hiking with me AGAIN?!  I can't!  We both had fun, though.  It was not too steep or strenuous, just a nice gradual uphill/downhill hike.  3 sisters is near Evergreen, CO.  To the left are the three sisters, I think.  There are four little peaks, the three sisters and the brother, but I'm not sure which one is the brother, I think it's the one to the right that's farther away from the other three.   

The first sister, can you see James at the bottom?


Trying to master the self-portrait...

Wait for it...

The best one was actually taken upside-down

Cooper came and rocked it


A view of Evergreen Lake from the top of Sister #2

James is the only one of us who can take pictures like this.

We saw some mule deer

#3 or the brother, I don't know

Some elk we saw as we drove through downtown Evergreen.

It was a great hike.  Afterwards we went to Beau Jo's Pizza in Evergreen for dinner.  One of my favorite parts about doing new hikes is crossing them off the list in my little guide book.  6 down, 29 to go!



Aaron and Rachael said...

Oh dang! Beau Jo's. That makes it all worth it!


Janna said...

FUN!!! You guys have some killer hiking skillz :) I'm a little envious, I love to hike :)

sara cardon said...

Poor Jonathan. He was devastated when we didn't get Colorado. He would have been your hiking buddy and James and I could have tagged along complaining all the way.:) Beau Jo's sounds pretty worthwhile though.
p.s. you look AMAZING.

Christy Bateman Mathatas said...

Thanks, Sara! I was pretty devastated when I found out you guys weren't coming here, for more reasons than just hiking, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the south!