Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Indian Week

So my sister Marie got me into cooking Indian food. I was at the library a couple weeks ago and found this book
and wanted to try some recipes from it, because they sounded really good.  So I tried a bunch and they WERE really good.  I decided I should buy this book so I looked on Amazon.  $93 used and $104 new!  Wow!  Then I was talking to my sister Marie about it and she said she uses the same one and that she got it at Barnes and Noble for not that much.  So I went to Barnes and Noble.  $316.63 used!!!  Only 1 copy available.  Holy Cow!  Anyway, here are some pictures and comments of the recipes we tried.  Also, if you want the recipes I can email them to you, since I don't have that kind of money to spend on a cookbook and I've slowly been typing them up. 


Emily said...

can you come over to our house and cook me some Indian food??? they all sound amazing. you should post some recipes on the blog :)

marie.mathew said...

That all looks so great, Christy! You have probably tried more of those recipes than I have. We also really like Seasoned Dhal. We add fresh spinach and tomatoes to it. Semiyah Payasam and Christmas Cake are our favorite desserts in that book. Awesome! I've been searching around for that cookbook for you but so far have had no luck.