Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas.  I only got pictures of a few instances (as always) but some is better than none.  

We made an awesome gingergread house.  Details include a royal icing snowman made by Mom, a custom candy cane fence by Laura, a jelly fruits-lined path by Braxton, and a pretzel log pile made by yours truly.

Christmas morning pictures:

Braxton opening his stocking.

Laura opening her nice stainless-steel cookie sheets. Jeff seems mad that Laura is now going to make tons of delicious cookies and confections, hmm...

That's Jen behind the card.

Cooper clad in a green and red turtleneck sweater, courtesy of James' Dad Jim and Stepmom Joan.

Braxton got an awesome Bronco's jersey,

and a super-warm Bronco's blanket that Grandma (Mom) made him.

Mike playing Dance Central on XBOX Kinect (James' present from me)

Dad, Laura and Braxton watching Mike play Dance Central

It was a wonderful Christmas.  James got me a sewing machine (!!!) and a food processor (!!!)

I made two skirts like this for my nieces, Misha and Maddie, for Christmas.  I am in love with these skirts.  I wish I was 4 so I could wear one. 


sara cardon said...

Those skirts are DARLING!! What a fun aunt you must be. It's really fun to see the Bateman clan again-- I can't believe how old Braxton is!! He was just a cute little baby back in college... Crazy!

Manoj and Marie Mathew said...

You ARE a great aunt! The skirts look so cute on them. I couldn't get picture the first time, but I will next time and send it to you. Thank you!

Emily said...

sounds like a perfect christmas! i am in love with the skirts. and I have totally made a skirt like that for myself you should too! :)

CeCe Jay said...

It is so nice to see your blog and photos! I never remember to take pictures...