Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break 2010

While Christy was on Spring Break this year, James took a few days off work as well to enjoy a little of the Spring Breaking.

On Wednesday, we went to Castlewood Canyon, which is south of Denver near Castle Rock. We hiked a loop around the canyon that was a little over 4 miles. We were pretty tired afterwards, but not as tired as Cooper who had just experienced his first hike! He did great and kept up. He didn't like the gaps between the boulders that we sometimes had to cross, but as it turns out, neither does Christy.

On Thursday James had to work on his 3rd out of 4 papers for his English class that he's taking at Metro State College of Denver. No pictures of that.

Then on Friday we wanted to go to the Science Museum until we realized that Bodyworlds was there and everyone and their school bus was THERE. So instead we ate at Garbanzo (not all that great, Falafel King is way better), walked the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver and went to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art (WEIRD!).

We topped the week off with General Conference and Easter dinner with Jen, Travis (Jen's boyfriend) and Mike. It was a good week.

With this post we have officially surpassed our blog post record for last year. Whew! See you in 2011! Just kidding...hopefully.

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jscardon said...

Happy spring break! Your hike looks fun. Next time give Jon a head's up and he'll be there in a heartbeat.:)