Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Beautiful Colorado Sky

Lately the sky is really pretty in Denver, especially around 5pm. I have kind of been obsessed with taking pictures of it. The top and bottom-right were taken while I was waiting to get on the highway and there was a long line of cars in front of me. I am really growing to love Denver, especially since I started substituting and I'm seeing a lot more of the city and meeting all kinds of people. We live close to downtown, but still about 10-15 minutes away which I think is perfect. This first picture is the exit closest to our apartment. The bottom-left is taken in Parker, near where my parents live.


Emily said...

wow! that is so pretty!

jscardon said...

Pretty! I always knew you were a photographer at heart...I've heard lots of good things about living in Denver-- maybe we'll end up there in the Air Force?? You never know!